Dead All Along, Opening Scene, Giles Timms 2009
A still image from the opening scene for my animated music video, ‘Dead All Along’ performed by Welsh musician Ceri Frost.

Here is the revised treatment for the music video.

Logline: Enchanted by a fairy and transformed into a faun, a child called Yorick briefly journeys in the fairy kingdom, but when Yorick returns to his family he discovers that he and his family are already dead.

This is based on the myth of Tir Nan Og, an alternate or parallel universe, a place where time stands still and there is no sickness or death. The fairy kingdom is said to be a hilltop one, but invisible, or composed of magnificent underground cities. Fairy kings and queens rule there. Humans who enter the fairy realm cannot leave once the door closes behind them. Those who do leave may find that years have passed on earth during what was, for them, but minutes in the fairy kingdom.

I’m working hard on finishing this up this weekend so that it can be shown at UCLA’s PROM, the Animation Film Festival, on June 6th :)

Hand drawn and Photoshop with compositing in After Effects.