Manifestations, Giles Timms 2009

Manifestations is screening tomorrow, Sunday, September 27th at the Galaxy 12 Theater as part of the awesome California International Animation Festival (CalAniFest) 2009. Manifestations will screen in the 1pm to 2pm slot. To find out more about the festival and for ticket information, visit this link:

Manifestations is an animated tale of love in which Mr. Chip seeks anime love in a psychedelic, ever-morphing virtual world. Music by Welsh Composer Ceri Frost

The California International Animation Festival is an excellent fest that “is dedicated to a recognition that animation, gaming and filmmaking are not separate businesses, but fingers on the same hand.” If anyone is in the Modesto/Riverside area tomorrow I urge you to go and support the California International Animation Festival.

Thanks to Dr. George A. Baker and Louise E. Baker.

Additionally, if anyone sees Manifestations at the festival, please leave a comment to let me know what you thought. Thanks!