The third exercise for UCLA’s 181A class required a storyboard for our first Quarter’s final 15-second animated film project. This exercise called for 8 to 15 storyboard panels that demonstrated our concept for the final film on 12 field animation paper.

This is not a particularly good storyboard, but I am including it as a chronicle of my UCLA class work. In this story, two creatures speak a word that results in their demise. I was trying to see how loose of a narrative structure I could use to create an animated short. I changed my idea for the final film several times throughout the course of the class as I struggled to find a narrative that I was happy with and that could easily be communicated within 15 seconds of animation.

The first Quarter’s final film project is a 15 second animated film, hand drawn on cells and shot on the crane.

This is from Fall Quarter, 2006.