Animated End Title Sequences for the film 'Sunset Stories,' 2012

I finally updated with my recent film title design work for the films ‘Sunset Stories’ and ‘Let Go.’

‘Sunset Stories,’ 2012
I designed and animated an end title sequence and animated interstitials for the 2012 film, ‘Sunset Stories,’ directed by Silas Howard and Ernesto Foronda. ‘Sunset Stories’ premieres at SXSW and stars Monique Curnen and Sung Kang with a cameo by Kevin Bacon.

‘Let Go,’ 2011
I designed and animated an opening title sequence and animated time-lapse interstitials for the 2011 film, ‘Let Go,’ directed by Brian Jett. ‘Let Go’ premiered at the Austin Film Festival and stars David Denman, Gillian Jacobs, Kevin Hart and Ed Asner.

Now I have to get my reel put together…